About Youri Appelo, by Johannes Kronenberg


If I would have to choose three words to describe Youri, they will be: trustability, warmness, initiative-power. I know Youri as being engaged in a social manner both focussed on the individual and the bigger notion of humanity. A great ability of empathy accompanies his way of working. One could ask oneself why this is so important to have? I think that exactly this is what the world needs more than ever before: individuals who surpass their own selfishness and truly are open to meet the other and the world. This is exactly what you will receive when starting a collaboration with Youri.

Remarkable about Youri - especially combined with the stated characteristics above - also is the gift to always succeed. It does not really matter what Youri starts, he will finish it in good order.


If you start to collaborate together, you will have to take into account that Youri is active in a wide range of initiatives. This means that it could happen that you might be connected with totally new ways of doing and thinking, which I think is a great plus. Visionary skills are also present. There will always be a prepared plan to work on, which makes working together, shaping and re-shaping of the content a real joy.


In trust,
Johannes Kronenberg



Curatorial Statement